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Skin Rejuvenation: 
SkinPen Microneedling & PRP

If you want firmer, healthier looking skin, with smaller pores and a clearer complexion, microneedling can help.  

Also known as collagen induction therapy, microneedling has been around since 1990s and has improved over the years. Initially, people used dermarollers at home, but there were problems including poor depth penetration and quality, along with safety and hygienic concerns.  Recently, a medical-grade microneedling pen has become available.

Read more about it: Real Self.

Best of all, SkinPen works.

90% of subjects in the clinical trial would recommend the procedure to family & friends.

SKinPen microneedling Hillcrest San Diego

I prefer the FDA-approved SkinPen, a professional, medical-grade device which has a dial to adjust the depth of the needles to target the dermis.  It's the one I found to deliver consistent depth penetration with quality needles, superior build, and safety mechanism.

The Science of Microneedling

​In the dermis, the fibroblasts are skin cells which produce elastin and collagen, the major structural proteins in your dermal layer.  By microneedling tiny channels through the epidermis, the goal is to increase collagen and elastin production by causing controlled injury to the dermis.  This is where the platelet-rich plasma, aka 'PRP' comes in - your own platelets and plasma have growth factors, such as PDGF, VEGF, and EGF, which stimulate wound healing.  It's amazing how much better wound healing occurs with PRP.

The Benefits  of PRP 

While microneedling without PRP will produce great results, I believe PRP will deliver the best results, enhancing skin collagen, and can decrease wound healing time.  Your own blood contains the growths factors and platelets to stimulate your skin cells to heal and produce more collagen.  

Microneedling is clinically proven to safely & effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22+.

With as few as three non-invasive and affordable treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance for six months after your last treatment – and step out with confidence.

SkinPen by Bellus Medical is the first FDA-cleared microneedling device.

It causes controlled micro-injuries that stimulate your body’s natural wound healing process, while minimizing cellular damage. The result is effective remodeling of scar tissue, while keeping the overall structure of the skin intact.

There are three phases to the wound-repair process:

  • Phase I: Inflammation. 
    Piercing the skin triggers your immune system to disinfect the wounds, remove debris, increase blood flow and begin to create new tissue.

  • Phase II: Proliferation. 
    The wound is rebuilt with new granulation cells, which are part of the extracellular matrix. Additionally, a new network of blood vessels develops.

  • Phase III: Remodeling. 
    The wound is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels.

Skinpen Skin Rejuvenation Microneedling Hillcrest San Diego

Here’s what you can expect from a SkinPen treatment:

  • A clear and indivualized plan for optimal results. 
    I will recommend a course of procedures based on your individual goals; Maintenance of your procedure might require multiple treatments.

  • A comfortable procedure. 
    Based on your needs, I will apply a topical numbing agent to the treatment area.

  • When performing microneedling with PRP: 
    While your skin is numbing, I will draw your blood via venipuncture into a tube, which will spin in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets.  Your own plasma and platelets will be applied to your skin during the microneedling procedure.

  • A short procedure time.
    Plan an hour for the visit; the treatment will likely take about 30 minutes.

  • A mild sensation. 
    Most patients report feeling only the slight vibration of SkinPen during the procedure.

  • Minimal post-procedure effects.
    The skin will appear slightly pink to red immediately post-procedure, similar to a mild to moderate sunburn. Additionally, the most common treatment responses experienced were dryness, rough skin, tightness, redness, itching, peeling, discomfort, tenderness, and burning. These conditions resolved over time without any further complications. Please see patient labeling for detailed safety information.

  • Soothing aftercare and effective post-procedure protocol.
    I will provide Skinfuse® LIFT, a clean, non-cytotoxic hydrogel used to prevent the skin from drying out post-treatment.  
    I will recommend an aftercare regimen, including Skinfuse, Bellus Medical’s 90-day protocol specifically formulated to support your skin following microneedling.

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