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Patient Testimonials

See the video testimony from Jonathan, age 56.

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"I have had Botox several times in the past, but what I appreciate about Gene is even if you've had it before he still explains how Botox works & the benefits.  

Gene is thorough, calm, very knowledgeable & reassuring.   He takes his time getting to know you & what results would work best for you." 

- Meg H.

"I had never had Botox before so I was a bit nervous. I wanted to look a bit fresher, but still have facial expressions, and most importantly still look like myself. 

Dr. Lee was extremely patient, spent time walking through the procedure with me and explaining each step. He listened to what I wanted to get out of Botox.

I was very pleased with the end result and will definitely be going back."

- Susan F.

"Dr. Lee spent time explaining everything and his care and expertise were evident throughout the entire process and follow-up."

- Steven P.

"Gene was recommended to me by a friend for some botox touch-up.  I had done a small amount of botox a couple of times over last few years before but was never really happy because of the way it made my eyebrows look. Gene assured me that he would give me a little to start to prevent the raised eyebrow look. I was so incredibly happy with the outcome. The '11' lines were almost gone, forehead looked perfect, as well as the softening of the lines around my eyes.

I was so happy - what a huge difference.  He is so gentle and explains everything before and said if I wasn’t happy to call him and he would do any touch-ups as needed.  There was no need at all!

Fast forward a month, I had been hearing a lot of great things about the Skinpen Microneedling. I just had it done on Saturday he asked me what I hoped to accomplish and proceeded with microneedling on face, neck and décolletage. Today is Monday and barely any redness no swelling, nothing. I am amazed. Day 1: felt skin tightening, mild sunburn; Day 2: no burn and little bit red mainly in areas I was concerned about most. Day 3: Today looks awesome, put on a little makeup and you can't tell anything. I can't wait to get a 2nd treatment and see final results.

Gene really is so gentle, caring and GREAT at what he does.

Highly recommend without hesitation."

- Lauren R.

"I'm so appreciative to Dr. Gene Lee. He was amazing. He took the time to take pictures and show me virtually what his suggestions for Botox would be for me. No one had ever done this before for me. He used very small needles and I didn't swell or bruise.

Thank you so much Dr. Lee! So glad I found you!"

- Elisabeth D.

"It was my first time to get Botox and I was a bit nervous.

Gene quickly put me at ease and explained the process.

The treatment was fast, painless, very professional and mostly importantly, I love the results!"

- Nick S.

"Dr. Lee is amazing, I was a little weary about getting Botox as it was my first time and he made me feel at ease from the very beginning. The consultation was thorough and he made sure to answer all the questions I had. During the actual procedure he made sure to constantly check on me and let me know what he was doing. After, he checked on me and made sure I was happy with the results and of course I was.

I will 100% come back to Dr. Lee and will refer anyone interested in Botox to him as well."

- Stacy E.

"Gene took his time to explain everything to me, and was very gentle.

He was relaxed and methodical, and it was over fairly quickly.

It was great that, as a doctor, he could explain how the treatment works and what to expect."

- David M.

"I recently had a botox procedure with Dr. Lee with excellent results.

He explained the procedure in detail and was never in a hurry. He also followed up with me after to check on my results. He was very professional and kind.

Best of all I LOVE the outcome!"

- Carolyn S.

"I was nervous about getting anti-wrinkle injections for the first time.

From start to finish, it was pain-free, and he even followed up to make sure I was doing ok - he really showed how much he cared.

I would return to Dr Lee for further treatments - I trust him."

- Michael K.

"Dr. Lee did a great job with my Botox.

He explained the process and how Botox worked fully and made sure I was comfortable with everything before proceeding.

Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy with the final result; have already recommended him to a few friends and plan on going back when it's time for the next round!"

- Chris F.

"I recently had Botox injections done by Dr Lee.

He made additional recommendations during the procedure which enhanced the treatment.

Dr Lee is very knowledgeable about his procedures.

I feel very comfortable to return for further treatments."

- Suzanne D.

"Dr. Lee has been friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

It was great success as many wrinkles on my forehead have been disappeared."

- Vu T.

"Gene was so kind and knowledgeable, I've been getting Botox for years and learned more in one sitting with him than I have with everyone else combined. He was gentle and thorough and I highly recommend him.

His space is very relaxing and clean, all covid protocols followed respectfully.

Treat yourself!"

- Laurel E.

"I've had Botox before but what sets Dr. Gene Lee apart is that the experience is so much more personable. He sits down and takes his time to talk with you about what desired outcomes you have. His follow up is wonderful. I'm so happy with my results!"

- Liz K.

"I met Gene at the Las Vegas AmSpa and it just so happened we are both local to San Diego! I went to see him for some neurotoxins (AKA Botox) because my face was looking a little sad. Gene was very thorough and gentle during the injections, as well as precise in where he was administering the medication. I didn’t bruise at all and it was painless during the treatment. I was perfectly frozen in the right places and the perfect dosage for me and my facial anatomy. I will be going back because Gene just got my face looking right, and wrinkle free! I’ve had bad Botox in the past with an experienced injector, so I was beyond pleased with the results achieved with Genes work. He used the brand Xeomin By Merz and it took full affect in less than a week. So happy!"

- Marissa J.

"Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable about the products and services that he offers. This is my first time getting anti wrinkle injections so I was a bit nervous at first. However, he took the time to listen to my needs and made me feel comfortable and safe from start to finish. I would definitely see him for future services and would highly recommend him to friends and family!"

- Madison L.

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